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Where do they sleep?

Scribble likes having a little box to hide out in and sleep. As she's grown, slightly larger boxes have needed to be acquired. Sometimes she'll also sleep in the "nest" of shredded fabric bits that she's created. Scribble prefers to be fully hidden from view when asleep.

Eek has a fleece lined bag hanging from the cage wall that for many months was the only place she'd sleep. She has also occasionally slept in her hammock, though more and more over the past month or two, that's primarily just the food cache. The food is "hidden" by the several dozen sticks she's piled on top, and the hammock is now so full of sticks that there is not much room for even a little rodent to curl up. And so now, when not in her hanging bag, Eek has started sleeping during the day in an increasingly elaborate nest that she's made on the floor of her cage out of sticks and gathered bits of fabric.

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