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What do they like to play with?

Eek is a very ardent fan of her Wodent Wheel, a largish, flat floored wheel specifically designed for rats and other rodents. She spends many an hour - and much of every night - taking a few revolutions at a time on her wheel. Fortunately the occasional application of oil to the wheel makes it nearly silent. Scribble also has a matching Wodent Wheel, but remains mostly terrified of it.

Scribble likes to pull fabric in through the bars of the cage, then shred it. She also enjoys pushing a ping pong ball around on the floor of her cage, returning it to me if I push it to her. And chewing her way through nut shells to get into the nut meat is a very popular activity with her, when she's lucky enough to get a nut. Scribble also has a paper tube that she likes packing around, though, for some unknown reason, she does not shred that. She does, however, have an special affinity for phone cords and yoga mats. Perhaps the plastic is softer or it tastes different. Lastly, "bobbing for peas" - putting a few peas in a shallow pan full of water - is just fabulous according to Scribble, who adores peas, and likes wading in the water.

In addition to her wheel, Eek adores sticks. She moves them around, stacks them, runs with them. Primarily she likes to use sticks to cover her food cache. Even sticks as large as the width of a finger - so large that they barely fit in her jaws - are of interest to her and worthy of packing about. Eek also likes to completely reorganize and re-engineer the contents of her cage. Everything - the ceramic food bowl, rocks, the fabric on the floor, the brick, the litter box, the foot wide wheel - everything is up for relocation, reorienting and stacking. That she is able to even pick up the ceramic food bowl, which weighs almost as much as she does, and carry it is quite remarkable. Eek does not like the "bobbing for peas" game. Though she too adores peas, she detests getting wet.

And, of course, most of all, both rats love to be with humans, especially if they are going to be able to allowed to run around freely, or, in Eek's case, have her head and chin scratched. Scribble likes to stand holding a human finger while the other fingers "tickle" her belly.

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