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What do they feel like? Is their fur rough?

Eek has amazingly soft luscious fur, softer than almost any animal fur I can recall touching. Scribble also has soft fur, though it's more "slick" feeling. And she doesn't have the same volume of fur as Eek. When Scribble came to live with us from the pet store, and her diet changed from regular "lab pellets" to the Oxbow rat food, her fur changed markedly from slightly rough and dull, to shiny and soft.

Both girls have naked little feet, that, well, feel just like naked little feet. When the air is cold, their feet are definitely cold! Eek in particular likes her feet fondled. They both also have little wee sharp claws, that are kept in check by keeping bricks in their cages. The bricks are placed in a locale where they must traverse it during their activities, like at a bottom of a ramp. Just traveling over it regularly keeps those claws a bit more blunt. Eek's feet feel more fleshy and "sticky" on the bottoms, perhaps because of her plantar tubercles. The bottoms of Scribble's feet feel smoother and more slick.

Both girls also have fur on their tails. Eek's tail is visibly covered in fur, whereas Scribble's tail is more sparsely populated. Scribble's tail appears naked, and until one touches it, it's not apparent that it too is furred. Scribble's tail is partially prehensile - meaning she frequently uses it to hang on to things or brace herself. Eek's tail is partially prehensile too, though she uses it significantly less in that manner than Scribble.

Both rats also express affection by licking. Eek will hang onto a finger with both of her front feet and lick the finger enthusiastically in happiness. Scribble is more of a "drive by" licker - giving her handler a few affectionate licks as she continues on her explorations.

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