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What do they eat?

Both rattie girls have Oxbow adult rat food consistently available to them at all times, as recommended by their vet. Upon introduction to this diet, changing from the ordinary "lab pellets" she had previously eaten, Scribble's coat became much more lustrous and soft.

In addition to the rat food, they are usually given some fresh vegetables and/or fruits daily. Blueberries have always been very high on Eek's list of favorite things to eat, and Scribble will eat them too, though she leaves behind the blueberry skins. Other favorite daily dietary additions include kale, celery, other berries, and apple slices, though, again, Scribble leaves behind the apple skins. With Eek's re-identification as a Dusky-footed Woodrat, live oak, blackberry and other native leaves have been regularly added to Eek's diet, along with clover, parsley and basil leaves from the yard, much to her delight.

Peas reside in a special category, especially fresh peas (either sugar snap peas or snow peas), right off the vine. Both girls adore peas. And, as should be a recognizable theme by now, Eek eats the entire pea, pod and all, and Scribble leaves behind the pod. When I was still hopeful that maybe one day they could become friends, Eek very much wanted to do a daily once over of Scribble's cage, even facing Scribble's aggressiveness, because Eek was scouting for leftover pea pods. Frozen peas help cool furry warm rats on hot days or long car rides. And "bobbing for peas" - a pie pan of water with submerged peas - is brux-worthy in Scribble's world.

Peas though, being higher in starch, are in the "treat" category, and are therefore given in moderation. Other treats include sunflower seeds, Cheerios, and yoghurt drops, specifically cheese flavored ones. Apparently the other flavors are not so tasty to these rats. Both will completely ignore the blueberry flavored yoghurt drops, and the vanilla/berry flavor appear to be just "OK".

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