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What about the cats? Do they get along with the rats?

Having a large rat cage is akin to having a giant Kitty TV. The two cats, otherwise generally unwilling to cooperate or share, are willing to sit next to each other on the best vantage point (on the back of an armchair about 6 feet away) in order to watch enraptured as the rattie girls go about their business. In the cats' opinion, they get along with the rats just fine!

This is certainly not to say that the cats and rats are friends, by any stretch. Especially initially, the cats felt very tweaked at being robbed of their plaything, and desperately wanted another chance. And both rats have a healthy fear of the cats, especially Scribble who, unfortunately, lives in the lower half of the cage, and is therefore a bit closer to the cats, even with the cage on a stand.

The cat named Lucky, the original source of Eek, has been caught twice leaping to the top of the cage. And both cats have been found attempting to scale the front of the cage a couple of times. The rat cage is large enough that even when threatened by a cat, there is room to hide several feet away on the opposite side. Fortunately, it seems that everyone has become used to the new arrangements, and some of that initial interest/fear is waning.

I do understand from the vet though that cat claws have bacteria that, if a rat gets swiped by those claws, even if it's a minor scratch, the infection can kill the rat. Beloved rats who've had encounters with cats - even if seeming undamaged - should go straight to the vet.

In the Eekosphere, the cats and the rats are always kept separate.

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