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Yes, that rodent silhouette in the upper corner is a rat (more or less), and not a mouse. Eek, a "wild rat", unexpectedly was brought into my life in June 2012. At first, I didn't even realize she was a rat, let alone understand what magnificent pets rats can be. Originally all grey, she was initially identified as a black or roof rat (Rattus rattus). However, as she became an adult, the classification of a black rat fit less and less.

About Us

Eek, Scribble and myself were originally just finding our way in less explored territory. Though the information on this site is accurate within our specific experiences, please keep in mind that it is solely the events and observations of one woodrat, one Norwegian rat, and one human (plus a pair of cats), and, therefore, is certainly not necessarily generalizable to all rats, cats nor humans. Eek sadly passed in January of 2014. In October 2014, three new Norwegian rats were added: Ruckus, Mayhem and Havoc.


The "regular" pet rat


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