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Species: Neotoma fuscipes
Common names: Dusky-footed Woodrat, pack rat, trade rat

Approximate date of birth: June 16, 2012
Passed away: January 20, 2014
Weight: 215 grams
Gender: female
Coat coloring: agouti (chestnut colored hairs with dark slate at the base, ticked with longer black guard hairs; belly silver white)

Favorite foods: blueberries, sunflower seeds, apples, Cheerios, Live Oak leaves, kale, peas in pod, blueberries, cheese flavored yoghurt drops, blueberries

Favorite activities: reorganizing the contents of her cage - particularly moving around sticks and hoarding food; having her chin, chest, belly and ears scratched; sleeping inside a human's hoodie; running on her wheel; eating blueberries; exploring new spaces

Motto: "I want that"

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