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Eek, Scribble and myself were originally just finding our way in less explored territory. Though the information on this site is accurate within our specific experiences, please keep in mind that it is solely the events and observations of one woodrat, one Norwegian rat, and one human (plus a pair of cats), and, therefore, is certainly not necessarily generalizable to all rats, cats nor humans. Eek sadly passed in January of 2014. In October 2014, three new Norwegian rats were added: Ruckus, Mayhem and Havoc.

I am just the unintentional owner of pet rats, who has been converted into a rat lover. Both Eek, Scribble, and now Ruckus, Mayhem and Havoc, are such affectionate and interesting - though very different - companions that, to my surprise, I miss them when I don't have one of them with me.

There are some folks in the Eekosphere who particularly deserve special kudos:

Aunt Cathy: Cathy has consistently been the earliest and strongest advocate for baby Eek, suggesting that perhaps the little rodent should become a pet. She also coined the term "Eekosphere" - the name of this site. Recently Aunt Cathy has helped with photographing the little - and active - additions to the mischief.

Aunt Vivian: My aunt Vivian has the most talent and ability with animals of anyone I know. For years she has patiently cared for, trained and loved amazing border collies and horses, including cutting horses. Her ability with animals extends beyond mammals, and, over the years, has included ducks, quail and finches. That I even considered that I may be able to successfully care for and feed this needy baby was directly due to the many hours I have spent in my life following and helping Vivian as she did daily rounds at the family ranch caring for a wide variety of animals. Once I helped her rescue about a dozen quail, just as they started hatching from their eggs - their mother had been eaten by a nearby rattlesnake.

T. Walsh: Photographer extraordinaire, among many other talents. Most of the best photos on this site are by him. And taking still images of fast moving agile rats is Not Easy. He has done an incredible job.

K. Brekke: Another Eek-o-fan, when he heard Eek & Scribble were having another photo shoot, he wanted to join in too. And shot some fabulous pictures, which are also featured on this site.

Dr. Hilary Stern: Our fabulous friendly supportive rodent vet. Reach her here at her clinic.

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