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I want a rat. Where can I get my own rat?

Rats like Scribble are available in most pet stores. However, to ensure you're getting a healthy non-inbred rat, who has been lovingly handled by humans from birth, it is highly recommended to instead buy rats from a breeder. Scribble, a pet store rat, did not have much, if any, human interaction until she joined us, and so it has taken some time and extra effort to warm her up to being handled. Do a Google search for ratteries in your area. Keep in mind that rats should always be bought in same-sex pairs, for companionship, as they are highly social animals. Also note that the word "fancy", as in "fancy rats", is from the verb for feeling a desire or liking for, as in "fancying a rat", rather than an adjective for elaborate or luxurious.

Woodrats like Eek are considered wild, and, as a native species, are not to be kept as pets. They are not available for sale.

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