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Does Eek like to collect shiny objects?

A common belief about packrats, also called trade rats, is that they love to collect shiny and interesting objects. We certainly can't speak for all packrats - there are at least eight different species in North America - nor even all Dusky-footed Woodrats, having an experimental group of one. That said, Eek seems to have no interest in collecting shiny or other metal unusual objects. Her clear and persistent focus is and always has been in two distinct categories: things to build with (sticks, fabric, objects found in her area); and things to eat (oak leaves, blueberries, kale, blueberries, oak leaves, rat chow, blueberries). The "things to build with" category is pretty loosely defined and therefore could conceivably contain loose change, keys, bottle caps or other shiny objects. However, her focus is just to build things, so dismantling her wheel and using the parts to make a new nest or to enhance the covering on her food cache is exciting to Eek. Keys and loose change are not helpful when making structures, and such objects left in her area have mostly been ignored by her, unless they are in her way. Then she'll move them.

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