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Rat Tales

Out of the Woods

Eek survives, again.

The Marvelous Dusky-footed Woodrat

What it means to be a Dusky-footed Woodrat like Eek.

The End of a Tail

Sad little Eek loses most of her tail.

Tricks and Treats (and Rat Laughter)

Scribble's giggles; searching for bat detectors and compelling treats

When is a "packrat" really a packrat?

Attempting to untangle rodent tales


Valuable health supplement? Informative fossil? Or...?


Scribble's befuddlement

Eating Poison Oak?

Further explorations into the world of the Dusky-footed Woodrat

The Mysterious Case of the Plantar Tubercles

Could this be a case of mistaken identity?


Flights of fancy? Or grounded in reality?


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by Dr. Radut