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Aren't they messy?

This would depend on your definition of "messy"... Both rats are clean and well groomed, and mostly contained in their cages. Scribble has a propensity for gnawing on things, more so than Eek. When on her own, Scribble likes shredding fabric and paper to make herself little protective nests. This can sometimes get perhaps somewhat messy and destructive. She's also sometimes a less than fastidious eater, leaving fruit stains and skins about her nest. And she's a little clumsy, knocking over her food or water bowls once in awhile. Eek, on the other hand, likes re-arranging things, and has, in that process, upon occasion, accidentally dumped litter and/or sticks out of her cage. She enjoys rearranging fabric and objects to make herself little protective nests, and to "hide" her cache of food. That might be possibly considered sometimes messy. Overall though, they are not particularly messy.

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