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Living with a Mischeif

Havoc, Ruckus & MayhemSuch distinct personalitites contained in little rat bodies!

Ruckus, grey with a cream belly and feet, is very soft, gentle and sweet. Her Dumbo ears and their placement on her head make her appear as if she "slinking" when she moves. She is also outgoing and friendly, instantly winning everyone's affection. She is very good with little kids. Ruckus appears in the middle of the above picture.

Mayhem is Ruckus' half sister. Her fur is a melange of black and white, with a striking asymetrical blaze on her face and white whiskers. Mayhem loves to be stroked and petted, especially on her lower jaw. She is also surprisingly clumsy and the most likely to slip and fall while climbing and exploring. Oddly, for a clumsy rat, she likes to climb on people's heads. She is the rodent most willing to curl up and sleep inside a sweatshirt with a human.

Havoc, the smallest and youngest, appears on the left above, and has mostly been very shy. She is agile, quick and focused. Her body is finer boned, and she has a longer and slimmer face. She is a gatherer of food, darting out to snag something interesting, disappearing back into her current hiding place to deposit it for later. Havoc has an unusuallly soft tail for a Norwegian rat. She also has a particularly loud brux when happy, and for such a scared little girl, she is happy surprisingly frequently.

When I was considering getting new rats, I wandered into the pet store where two years ago I bought Scribble. They had a mother rat with four very little babies that they were keeping separate for raising as pets, allowing some visitors to handle them to help accustom them to humans. I found myself stopping in every couple days to spend an hour with these rats. These were very nice and emjoyable little rodents. It was surprising, therefore, to stop in one day and find that the mother rat had been sold, and the too-young-to-be-away-from-their-mother little ones were now in with the other "snake food" rats. When approaching the cage, these four would heartbreakingly come towards humans expectantly, hoping for interaction, unwittingly perhaps indicating "eat me first'. Three of the babies were male, and one was female. I bought the female that day, later to be named Havoc.

Havoc has been growing, and in January, she passed Ruckus in size. Ruckus will be the smallest. As Havoc has grown, she has become less shy, as well as being better able to hold her own in ratty squabbles.

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