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Wow! Another nut!

Scribble has been confused. Suddenly there has been lots of extra attention paid to her daily - and multiple times each day. She has always been a reluctant and shy companion at her best, but lately there has been less allowance for her reluctance. So she spends quite a bit of time out of her cage and on a shoulder or in a lap. She has become a little more adventurous, willing to explore a table top or climb around the outside of her cage.

She also now has the entire cage, upper and lower, to herself, which has also brought on some changes. At first she continued her usual patterns, but eventually began sleeping in the upper levels, and then also storing food there, though never in as neat and organized manner as Eek. Scribble now sleeps her daytime away in an upper corner, snuggled in her style of "nest", made up of fabric she has pulled into the cage and gnawed into bits. This new favorite location is also further away from the cats, of whom she is always very wary and aware.

Scribble now sometimes bruxes audibly when she sees that her cage has been opened and that I am about to interact with her. Additionally, it has been learned that she is most accepting of affection when she is sleepy. Mid-day, while she is curled up in her nest and not quite fully awake, she will loll about and let herself be petted on jaw, behind her ear, and down her back, bruxing loudly. She never likes to have her belly touched though - which is very different from Eek - and never seeks out such affections.

Scribble has a new and brux-worthy game too. Scribble is not a leaper, so if she wants to interact with me - which is the only way she receives treats - she runs down the ramps to the floor of the cage, which is level with my lap, and then comes out to meet me. Upon being presented with a nut in shell, she very happily grabs it then enthusiastically runs up each ramp and level of the cage to very top, storing the nut somewhere near where she now sleeps. Then, in hopes of obtaining another exciting treat, she quickly runs back down each ramp and across every level back to the bottom and out onto my lap. This, of course, takes her several seconds, allowing me to grab the nut she just stored, and just in time to present the very same nut to her again. A nut! She is so very excited! Bruxing happily, she grabs it and runs to store the "new" nut again... Scribble has been getting quite a lot of daily exercise storing "lots" of nuts.

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