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The Best of Eek

Some of the best experiences with the little Eek:
Eek in the bookcase

  • The warm vaguely spicy smell of her extraordinarily soft fur.
  • The soft whispery whirling of her wheel throughout the night: run, run, pause. run, run, pause.
  • Using her "hands" to reorganize the seeds and things in her mouth to cram in yet more.
  • Sleeping with her head down and her body above - asleep "standing on her head". She occasionally slept in this position since she was a baby.
  • The paramount and never ending importance of sticks!
  • "I want that" - Eek was always very clear and persistent about what she wanted.
  • Quick "cheep cheep cheep" vocalizations when happily snuggled.
  • Her warm little rounded body curled up deep in my sweatshirt, often low at the center of my back, asleep.
  • Butting my hand with her head to get more rubbing and affection.
  • Winking with her right eye, often after turning counterclockwise in place - usually because she was hopeful for a treat.
  • Her particularness about what was to go where in her space: seeds go here, veggies go over there, stick piles here, sleeping wad there. Even where she eliminated her waste had a specific place.
  • Leaping from her cage into my sweatshirt and rolling onto her back for a belly rub. Often accompanied by grabbing onto my finger and licking it enthusiastically.
  • Her amazingly quick speed and agility, both outside and inside her cage. She surprised many a visitor with this, even after they had been forewarned.
  • Her trust in me - she'd leap out of her cage into my sweatshirt or lap, run and hide in my sweatshirt when afraid, or crawl into my hands when feeling poorly.
  • The sound of sticks falling to the floor from her cage during the night - the nightly reorganization and building process.
  • The tactile almost stickiness of her "hands" and feet. Enjoying fondling her sweet little feet.
  • How much she enjoyed having her jaw scratched, having her ears rubbed, and stroking her belly.
  • The soft thump as she dropped from my lap to the ground, followed by an almost thunderously quick thumpety thump as she ran across the floor, paused, ran, paused, then ran, climbed up my leg, and jumped back into my sweatshirt.
  • Running on her wheel so happily, such as when I would get up in the morning and call "hello!", or when I open the door coming home from the day's work.
  • Her dogged unyielding persistence at, for example, trying to move her wheel.
  • The nightly bedtime activity of presenting her with veggies. Large heavy fronds of bok choy, whole cabbage leaves, lacinto kale leaves, and dandelion leaves would be placed in my lap. Once her cage door was opened she would repeatedly leap down into my lap, a drop of more than a foot, grab a frond or two, some of which were heavier than her, them leap back up into her cage carrying them.

I am so grateful for my time with her, and all that she taught me and others.

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