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There are several folks at my work who use the same fabulous local dentist and one of my co-workers went to the dentist the other day. He immediately then found me at work to explicitly to inform me that our dental hygienist wants more postings on the Eekosphere about Eek. She was worried about Eek; she wanted to know all about how Eek is doing.

Anne, Eek is doing great! She's happy, healthy, and has completely bounced back from her brutal degloving experience. And Eek takes excellent care of her amazing teeth!

The little Eek has a rather surprising number of fans. "Eek-o-fan" is a term coined by my cousin Dave - a term he used to describe himself, making him the very first Eek-o-fan.

Of course, not everyone is an Eek-o-fan, or is even willing to consider becoming an Eek-o-fan. One day, shopping in the nearby grocery store, I repeatedly accidentally encountered the same fellow about five times in the aisles. Amused, finally we introduced ourselves to each other and started chatting. Looking into my grocery hand-basket, he noted an enormous bunch of kale. "It certainly looks like you eat healthily!", he said, conversationally. Noting that he was looking at the kale, which was also the only "healthy" item in the basket at that time, I replied "That's actually for my rats..." His smile dropped from his face, he mumbled something unintelligible, and began backing away as quickly as he could with as much politeness as he could muster. Maybe if he had an opportunity to meet the sweet little Eek, he too, could have become an Eek-o-fan.

So, for Eek-o-fans everywhere, here is the new Eek-o-fan logo, featuring Eek herself engaged in one of her favorite activities! Click on it for a larger version.

Eek-o-fan logo

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