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What Do the Ears Say?

A friend, John, was asking a few questions about Eek the other day, and, as part of my reply, I made the comment "...it depends on her mood..." John responded with curiosity. How does one assess Eek's current mood? And, because of his question, I realized the answer is by observing her ears.

Eek and her earsEek's ears are one of the first things people notice about her. They simply are just huge. Because her ears are almost always erect, and perhaps because of her diminutive scale, the changes of her ears may not be immediately noted. With observation, the relationship between Eek's emotions and her ears becomes apparent.

Eek's ears are expressive, akin the ears on a dog, especially a dog with erect ears, like a German Shepherd. Eek perks her ears up when she becomes aware of something of interest, like a new blueberry. When there is an unusual noise or she finds herself in an unfamiliar situation, Eek will rotate and twitch her ears to catch every little sound. She can fold them flat against her skull, which she will do if she's anticipating stuffing her head into a small area or in a good petting session. Eek can also lift her ears straight up, making them parallel to each other, like when she is eating that blueberry. And, when she is feeling crabby or protective about something, she will lower her ears and spread them slightly. When Eek does this, be forewarned!

Scribble's ears also move, though they are about a quarter of the size of Eek's, so their movement is less easily observable. Scribble also has a generally placid and tolerant nature, and so also has less apparent moods than Eek; perhaps less inspiration to move her ears about.

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