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Eek Amazes Again

Eek adores sticks, and frequently moves them around within her cage, mainly piling them to hide her cache of food. So when I started hearing a certain quick "thup thup thup" sound, like a stick being run along a slatted fence, I assumed it was just Eek carrying a stick, accidentally thumping it against the bars of her cage while she transported it to it's new location.

But one day I just happened to be looking in her cage as I heard the sound, and Eek wasn't holding a stick. In fact, she was not moving about the cage at all. Intrigued, I moved closer to watch.

This particular day, the cats were in some sort of mood. They were mildly riled about something, and both boys were taking turns meowing as they paced in circles about the front room. If they meowed as they came near the rat's cage, there would be the thumping sound, and, weirdly, it still sounded like it was coming from Eek.

It turns out that the thumping sound was coming from Eek. Watching closely, it finally became apparent that she was stiffening her tail, then quickly drumming it, beaver style, likely as some sort of warning alarm. She drums it so quickly that is the movement is almost invisible - the tail becomes a blur. Eek repeated this four more times in the next ten minutes. Incredible!

Eek watching over the stickes covering her food cache

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