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The Amazing Eek

Eek and Scribble were due at the vet, but we had extra time before we needed to go. They were playing in the spare room. It's important to explain that this spare room, which is where the rats get to roam during their "free range" time, is fairly empty and upstairs. They live in a cage downstairs.

Scribble was getting more attention, as she has had less human interaction, when I realized it had been quite awhile since I'd seen Eek. She was nowhere to be found. Then I realized Eek had slipped out under the closed door and into the house at large... Fortunately the cats were outside the house, none the less, locating a wee rat in among the vast array of usual house type items was akin to searching for the proverbial needle in a haystack.

Feeling increasingly panicked, I looked and looked for Eek. What if she couldn't be found?! And we needed to leave in order to make it to the vet appointment on time, yet Eek still had not been located. Finally, after more searching, just Scribble and I went off to the vet.

Apologizing to the vet for our tardiness, I explained why, and how we had one missing rat. Possible ways to locate Eek were discussed, but weren't particularly hopeful sounding. Driving home after the vet appointment I continued to ponder options, even considering possibly using one of the cats to help figure out where dear Eek was generally located. Just the thought was distressing.

With all of this whirling about in my head, I walked in the front door with Scribble in hand inside the travel cage. First I needed to put Scribble away before resuming the search for the missing Eek. But lo! At the cage, in her section, there was Eek! During the 40 minutes or so while we were away, she had worked her way from the upstairs spare room, down the hall, down the stairs, across the front room, up the cage stand, and into her cage!

Particularly remarkable, in addition to being a tiny little rodent making such a journey in a great big space and so quickly, is that she had never traveled any of this previously. Having read that rats have a more acute sense of smell than even dogs, it had to be her sense of smell that guided her to the correct location. Eek is amazing!

Eek pondering her next move

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