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How It All Began

In late June of 2012, one of my cats came over the back fence with something very small in his mouth. Upon landing on the ground, he deposited a tiny unmoving ball of fur into the grass, and then sauntered towards the door and into the house. The sad wee creature looked like some kind of rodent, and was so young, it had not yet opened its ears nor eyes, and barely had fur. Curled up, damp with cat spit, and motionless, surely it was dead.

The next morning I heard squealing outside as my cats took turns flinging something into the air. The tiny rodent was surprisingly still alive. It couldn’t possibly have much longer to live. None the less, it didn’t deserve to be endlessly tortured by the cats in its last hours – and their actions indicated they were not just going to eat it - so it was removed from the cats and hid away from them under the fence, to hopefully let it pass in peace. An hour or so later, more squealing announced that the cats had found it and were, again, flinging it into the air. And after a couple of more tries at hiding it from the cats, I finally put the wee unfortunate creature in a small shoebox inside my back door, to let the teeny creature die on its own without further torture.

But the next morning it was still alive.

The baby rodent asleep in a palm

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